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About us

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Major strength of Hill Stone Fashion is its management; we want our employees to feel challenged and make a meaningful commitment to the industry through their individual contribution. In today’s industry we strongly believe that “Our product is our success” Our mission statement is..... 'Quality in all aspects is the driving force of our operations. Persistence and development ensure quality enhancement and complete customer satisfaction'.

Strength of Hill Stone Fashion:

  • Efficient Manpower
  • Effective Management
  • Adequate mercenaries and accessories
  • Adequate financial & Banking support

Hill Stone Fashion is one of the renowned faces in the garments sector of Bangladesh due to its quality consciousness and timeliness. The management of the factory believes in the satisfaction of the external stakeholders.

The factory was established at 2007 and till then it worked with a number of European and North American buyers and always acclaimed by the buyers as its approach is guided by a sheer zero – tolerance to inefficiency at all levels.

Mission of Hill Stone Fashion:

To provide highest level of satisfaction to all stakeholders through continuous improvement of operational efficiency, cost effectiveness, investment on research and development and also investment on people.

Vision of Hill Stone Fashion:

To contribute to the socio economic development of Bangladesh through positive contribution to her industrial sector with a particular focus on apparel industry, with optimal use of land, resource and introducing international standard state of the art technology.

Beliefs Hill Stone Fashion:

The factory will adhere to three basic beliefs:

  1. Respect for the individuals
  2. Service to the customers
  3. Strive for excellence & honesty